Hi there! My name is Lluis Roda I’m a Spanish Illustrator and a great lover of movies, music, outdoor sports, comic books and all things awesome! Feel free to browse through my portfolio for anything you might like. If you want a caricature of your girlfriend, a portrait of your dog or a cover illustration for your Christmas album please let me know!

Color caricature$ 89.99 USD
3 illustrations Color caricature.
Color portrait$ 90 USD
4 illustrations Color portrait.
Black and white caricature$ 66 USD
2 illustrations Black and white caricature.
Fan art color$ 90 USD
3 illustrations Fan art color.
Fan art black and white$ 69.99 USD
2 illustrations Fan art black and white.

Color caricature
Days of future Wolverine $ 89.99 USD
Color caricature
Daniel Craig $ 89.99 USD
Color portrait
Drunk Brian $ 90 USD
Color portrait
Cowabunga! $ 90 USD
Color portrait
Vader $ 90 USD
Black and white caricature
Black and white caricature $ 66 USD
Fan art color
Judge Dredd $ 90 USD
Fan art color
Hulk $ 90 USD
Fan art black and white
Wolverine Black and white $ 69.99 USD